Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Home based business idea: Information Broker/Researcher

Information researchers and information professionals use their research skills to obtain information for individuals and companies. If you like studying and doing academic research, this might be the business for you. While many researchers spend considerable time on the Internet, most also spend substantial time at libraries, county courts, and other locations where various records are kept. Private investigators and skip tracers are one type of professional researcher.

People and companies value their time and often prefer to hire specialized individuals to do time-consuming jobs, like research. In some cases, people don’t know how to go about collecting the information themselves. Companies and organizations can usually afford to spend the most on research.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Home based business - Myths & Reality

Myth: You must highly educated to succeed at your own business.
Reality: There are plenty of successful people that do not have a university or college education! Education is not will make you successful; proper planning, hard work, willingness to learn, dedication, and other factors will determine your success.

Myth: A great product idea is all you need to create a successful home based business.
Reality: Successful businesses tend to have great products ... but they also have:
Great products that people want, offered at a price people are willing to pay.
The ability to produce that product at a cost that still allows them to turn a profit.
Great marketing and advertising. No matter how wonderful a product is, it won't make money unless people know about it.
It isn't enough to have a great product idea. You also have to have the research and the resources to back it up.

Choosing a home-based business

A home-based business can be either product-oriented or service-oriented. Product-oriented businesses are usually two types: a) selling products made by you, family members and/or employees (like raw materials such as fabrics or tanned leather, kits like yarn/pattern and knitting needles, partially finished items like unpainted bird houses or completed articles such as jewelry and belt buckles) or b)selling products manufactured by others and either purchased by you for resale or sold on an order basis. Services may involve performing a service at the place of business (word processing, tutoring, bookkeeping or child care) or at another location (house painting, carpet cleaning or consulting). To determine or confirm your business idea(s), examine your interests, skills and abilities, education/training, and experiences.
You must enjoy doing the work involved. Just because you make super apple pies or wooden toys doesn't mean that you would want to create them six days a week. Perhaps you would rather teach others to make pies or toys! Teaching requires a totally different set of skills and interests than doing the actual work yourself

Home based business - tips for low cost

Early in your business, you might simply wish to go with a low cost alternative instead of taking on any large expenditure's. So avoid buying anew fax machine or computer if you can manage with a less expensive used one. Be spartan with your resources. You may be able to use an accounting software program as a temporary replacement for hiring an accountant. You may be able to obtain temporary help from a temp agency too.