Thursday, June 15, 2006

Women Lead Trend on Home Businesses. Did you know?

Women and minorities are leading the trend of creating home-based businesses at a time when, up until now, white males dominated the frontiers of business.

# Women own approximately 66% of home-based businesses.

# Seventy-three percent of women-owned businesses are run out of the home.

# Between 68% and 70% of women's home-based businesses will survive over a three-year period.

# Home-based women business owners are technologically savvy. In fact, home-based women-owned businesses are just as technologically savvy as other busineeses with over half (56%) having at least one computer and nearly four in 10 (39%) owning more than one. Two-thirds (66%) have a computer fax/modem, 55% use a cell phone.

# Home-based women-owned businesses in the US number 3.5 million and provide full or part-time employment for an estimated 14 million people. In today's economy, home-based businesses are a growth industry to watch.

Home Based Business Tip : Get your materials ready

Get your materials ready! You are going to need to be ready before you start looking for work. You will need a specialized telecommuter’s resume, an excellent cover letter template, and an online portfolio that showcases samples of your work. Without these things in place ahead of time, you will not be ready for rapid response when an employer needs to see your stuff.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Work At Home - Tip

When you find yourself spending too much time doing non-productive activities, then you should seriously consider finding a third-party service provider who will assist you in those non-profitable business activities.

Website for your online home based business

A website for your products. This is you web store to host the product you choose to sell. If people who visit your store choose to buy, you make money. Millions of people use internet everyday. You can imagine the scope.

Hosting. This is space on the web land where your web site will be placed. These services are available both free of cost and at a price.Price varies as per service provider and what you are looking for. But if you aim for professional results use the paid ones.

Promoting your site. This is to let people know that you have a store which sells those products. This is the difficult part but as you gather knowledge it becomes easier too. Various marketing strategies are available in plenty. You can use as per your budget.