Monday, February 18, 2008

Some Tips On Choosing the Best Home Business

  • List 5 things you can do best as per your capacity and strengths
  • List how others would benefit from what you do best
  • Find out how to deliver services to clients as per their requirements
  • Know the value of your services to others
  • Find out you nearest competitors in the field.
  • Get to know about some success stories of others

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Home based medical transcription

Home based medical transcription - Pre requisites :

Companies prefer candidates with experience of at least 18 months. However, talented freshers can get in, provided they do well in the test. The candidate must be a degree holder (preferably in science), excellent English comprehension, good listening skills, and should have fast typing skills.

The candidates are put through an initial screening test followed by a comprehensive editing and language test. Successful candidates go live after a week of professional training after which the payment starts. The candidate has to keep abreast of the latest 'Americanisms' and medical terms. A mis-spelt word can cause more damage than offending the professional sensibilities of a grammarian � it could cost somebody his life.

Home based medical transcription - Payment :
Transcriptionists who work from home are paid on the basis of speed and accuracy.� The pay ranges from 60 paisa to Rs.1.25 per line depending on the accuracy.

Home based medical transcription requires training and experience. There are many terrific resources for getting certified and finding work.

Here are some websites that offer information about medical transcription:

  • has information on careers and certification in medical transcription.
  • Medical Transcription Daily covers pretty much everything on medical transcription; education, resources, etc.
  • Medigrafix is another thorough site for MT's and students of MT. Focuses on providing speedy MT services for emergency room physicians.
  • MTJobs provides MT services to the Department of Veteran Affairs. Uses home based MTs but you must have experience.