Saturday, June 21, 2008

Work from home business idea for moms, housewives : Child Care Center:

Child Care Center:Since a vast majority of the parents can't afford the expensive Corporate or Franchised child care centers, there is a great demand for reputed affordable home based Child care centers. If you love children and care about them this is o­ne of the ideal work at home jobs for you as a stay at home mom especially if you have had experience or training in child development.To get started you will need to have adequate space in your house that is child friendly as well as accessible to parents to drop and pick their children. You home based business will also need licensing, inspection and certification by the local councils or bodies.

Home based business for moms : Tutoring Services

Tutoring Service:
Starting a Tutoring Service is another way of working at home. You can start a tutoring service for helping students who have difficulty in understanding their class work or who do not concentrate sufficiently at school. You should be sufficiently knowledgeable in the subjects you tutor and you should possess a lot of patience to handle backward students.Initially you could get started by giving free classes and o­nce you have built up a reputation among the students, parents and teachers, you could start charging a fee.